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Skid Plates

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What the hell!! Don’t buy this damn thing. Instructions are completely wrong. Didn’t come with the correct parts to even mount it.. By Factory...Period


I'll rate it higher when I've actually gotten the damn thing on my bike. After an hour fighting with it I've given up for today. Maybe because it's plastic it warps but it sure as heck doesn't fit in the current form. Maybe you have to heat it or something but that shouldn't have to be done. I'm currently trying to cold bend it a bit with some weights and I'll try it again tomorrow. I can rebuild a motor but I can't install a dang skid plate. It looks cool though I'm a bit concerned that it won't protect my case if I slam against some rocks on sharp objects. It looks like it'll protect the frame well but the skid plate fits right against the engine case and I don't expect it to give a ton of impact protection there. Maybe not the right product for woods and off road stuff. I really want it to work as it looks so cool. I'll be back for further feedback. Haven't quite given up yet and returned the product.
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